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We develop and distribute utility and e-commerce software 

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Check our GYLIE wallet now

Available in the Google store and soon in the Apple app store

What GYLIE consists of

Gylie includes a browser-based decentralized cryptocurrency wallet. You are able to store your crypto assets with us, your private keys are encrypted and they never leave your device,

Also in GYLIE

Gylie Genesys is a project that has for objective to promote blockchain technologies in women and minorities. Inclusion of women and minorities is essential. 


Gylie token increase the safety and encryption of customer data as all user information are saved on the user’s browser. Saveure LLC owns and manages all GYLIE’s assets

Download MADBUMAX for iOS and Android

The app that lets you manage your income/expenses

Analyze stocks

Analyze stocks from different sectors. See all the details of that stock in one screen

Manage your income/expenses

Budgeting section to help manage your income and expenses all in one section

Financial tools and calculators

Numerous financial calculators are available in this app from mortgage calculator, retirement calculator and more

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